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It Pays To Be A Paranoid

I must admit I get paranoid at times, especially when it concerns my family’s safety. But it does pay to be one sometimes!

It happened to me one weekend while we were on our way to the birthday party of my friend’s mom. My husband went to the nearby mall with our 2 kids to buy some stuff while our eldest son and I had a haircut in a salon within the village. We were already done but my husband has not arrived yet. I called him but his phone cannot be reached, so we decided to go to the convenience store across the street while waiting for them.

I texted my husband our exact location and told him that we were already waiting for them outside the store. Then, I noticed that a guy (let’s call him Guy #1) behind me was walking back and forth. Thinking that he might snatch my cellphone, I stepped backward so that I can have a clearer view of his movements. I held my son tightly as I noticed there are two other guys standing on each corner of the store. Another thought came to me. The two guys might be conspirants of Guy #1, who was then roaming around the parking area, seems to be inspecting each parked car. It was then that I decided to move to the next store where there are more people waiting. In no less than 5 minutes, my husband and our 2 other kids arrived. I told him about the 3 suspicious-looking men and when I looked at the store, they were gone. Why gone so soon? And all at the same time? As far as I can remember it, they also arrived almost at the same time. Hmmm, looks fishy, isn’t it?

Well, better safe than sorry.