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A Lesson From a Child

Saturday is market day so I went to market yesterday along with Joma, my 5-year old son. While riding the motorbike with my son, he started a conversation that went like this:

JomaJoma: Mommy, why does the clouds move along with us? It seems to go with us everywhere we go.

Mommy: The clouds are very big so you see the same cloud anywhere you go.

Joma: Are they following us? Why are they following us?

Mommy: They are not following us.

Joma: No. They are following us! It is the same set of clouds I saw earlier before we left the house.

I simply sighed with his remark. I can’t give any logical answer anymore. I wanted to use the Newton’s Law of Motion and Acceleration for him to stop bugging me with his questions! I can’t find the right explanation that will satisfy me because I also have the same question when I was his age.

That night, I asked God to give me more patience with Joma’s never ending questions of hows and whys. I need His guidance so that I can explain the answers to my son’s questions in a level that he will understand.

Earlier today, while going to church, he repeated the same question about the clouds. All of a sudden, words came out of my mouth. I explained that God is watching us from up above and that His angels are on the clouds following us, guiding us and protecting us upon God’s order. He nodded his head and became quiet. What a relief!

I do not know where I got the answer but I know it was the Holy Spirit who guided me to the explanation that will temporarily silence my son’s inquisitive mind. It was His answer to my prayer. Thank you, Lord!