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The Wrath Of Ondoy and Pepeng

The people of Luzon experienced two typhoon within two weeks. Much has been said about how they devastated Luzon, which is felt until now. A lot of relief and rehabilitation is still being done until now. Some towns are still flooded. Rivers and lakes overflowed. Dams spilled off water to avoid damage to the dams, causing more damages to the people. Flood water increased, houses are washed out, businesses lost their goods and machines…

Some people say this is just one of the effects of climate change. I beg to disagree! The amount of rainfall that Ondoy poured may be too much to handle in one day. But could have there been more trees on our forest… could the rivers been cleared of residents and was not turned into a trash bin, the water could have flowed better. Thus, no flash floods will occur.

My friend's house washed out by the flood

My friend's house washed out by the flood

Who is to be blamed then? The government officials? The people themselves? EVERYBODY is to blamed. People abused the mountains and the rivers. They throw their garbage in rivers and sewage systems. They burn trees on mountains for their livelihood. The government officials allow the mountains and farmlands to be converted into subdivisions. All of us has the responsibility to take care of our environment.

Mother Nature is sending us a message. We only have a single planet we can live. I hope we take care of them, not only for ourselves but also for the next children and their children.