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Top 10 Filipino Celebrities on Twitter

I once had a client who asked me to write an article about the 15 Famous Australian Twitterers. I did my own research and was able to come up with the data and the article after two days. Last Monday, I came across another article that features Pinoy Celebrities on Twitter. Although the list is incomplete, it reminded me of the article I wrote for my former client. I also remembered seeing a TV program that featured Pinoy celebrities with Twitter accounts. These  inspired me do my own research and come up with a summary of the Top 10 Filipino Celebrities on Twitter.

Here is my own list of celebrities and their number of followers (as of 06/06/2009 GMT) that I have put together & ranked them in order of popularity. You can check out their Twitter pages to see what they’ve been up to.

Anne Curtis – 4,398
Raymond Gutierrez – 3,412
Lea Salonga – 2,500
BB Gandanghari – 2,334
Georgina Wilson – 2,181
Camille Prats-Linsangan – 2,120
Bubbles Paraiso – 1,925
Charice Pempengco – 1,883
Alessandra de Rossi – 1,801
Ciara Sotto – 1,766
Maxene Magalona – 1,164

I wanted to include politicians, businessmen, broadcasters/journalists, sports personalities, and others. Sadly, they did not make it to the list. Does it mean people think their lives are not interesting enough?